Valentine’s Day WhatsApp Status Video


Valentine’s Day WhatsApp Status Video  provide you the best and latest collection of Valentine’s Day Videos which you can download or share with your love ones and friends through Whatsapp, Family and Instagram.

Each year on the 14th February the Valentine’s Day is celebrated all around the world. This is celebrated as the day for expressing love towards our near and dear ones. For this reason, we are here to give you a plenty of Valentine’s Day WhatsApp Status Video.

It is said that the Valentine’s Day is the day for showing love, affection and care towards love ones like husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or may be some one special. It is accepted as the day of love or the day of expressing love by the whole universe.

Valentine’s Day Status Video

In the third century in Rome there was a Catholic Saint named Saint Valentine. He was blamed to arrange secret marriage for Roman soldiers and he was also blamed for converting them into Christianity. One day emperor Claudius find saint’s act and imprisoned him. He sentenced death to st. Valentine. During his improvement period he fell in love with the jailor’s blind daughter. Some sources say that he cured her blindness by his selfless love towards her. On 14th February Saint hanged to death and before that he wrote a letter to jailor’s daughter. He mentioned his identity as yours Valentine in the letter. This solution became famous and in the loving memory of saints love and his Nobel acts, universally 14th February was declared as Valentine’s Day.

On this day people exchange cards, gifts, flowers and other symbol for telling their feelings to their loved ones. Like this people also share Valentine’s Day Videos Status to wish others.

The week before 14th February is celebrated as Valentine’s Week. Each day carries it’s specialty. The days are sequence by rose day, propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, kiss day, hug day. These are also very important days for lovers.

In the month of February the season of spring also begin so it is itself a best time for lovers to show their love or to express their love . Many of the people are very shy type when it comes to express your local but don’t worry. We are here for you to solve your problems. You will get many Valentine’s Day WhatsApp Status Video in our website. So you can easily share them to your love ones to express the hidden feeling without any shyness.

Valentine’s Day Status Video

Spring itself is a lovely season and it make the Valentine’s Day more special for the lovers. They can easily hang out or go to dates in this season. It is a tradition that on the Valentine’s Eve people get dress up beautifully and go outside with their partners.

So, if you think that you are married or you are in a relationship and there is no need to celebrate Valentine’s Day anymore then you are completely wrong. In fact you should be the first one to celebrate it with your partner. Valentine’s Day is a day for all the lovers. It doesn’t matter you are married or not you should celebrate this day of love. This little little things make your relationship stronger. So go visit to our website. There you will get many Valentine’s Day WhatsApp Status Video to share with your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend.


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