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Sad WhatsApp Video Status help you to get the best and latest Sad Watsapp Videos that u can set in your WhatsApp status or you can also share them in your Facebook or Instagram story.

Sadness is nothing just a state of mind and it do not last for long time. There can be many reasons of a person getting sad. But the reason can get change with age. With the increasing of your age machurity also increased so the reasons of sadness automatically get changed.

Like when we were kid we get hurt by little little things. As example if u fell down then we start crying and fell sad , if we loose or break our favourite toy then we feel sad or if we do not get our favourite cololate or ice cream then we also feel sad.

But when we enter in our teenage our reasons of sadness are quite different from childhood. At the teenage most of the time we become sad because of any boy or girl or because of parents.

As examples if we get rejected by some one then it’s become the reason of our sadness or if we are cheated by any girl or boy , we feel sad or if our parents get strict to us we become sad .

At this particular age our sadness depends on this few particular things. But when we entered in our adulthood we get machure so we stop being sad for small things. As a result then family tention, job , money , health , business , children , marriage etc. Become the reasons of our sadness in life.

For different people the reasons for getting sad can be different. Like for a mother the reasons are different for children reason different. So we should not take stress because of sadness because it is just a temporary thing in our everyday life.

Sad Video Status

Life is not a bed of roses’ if everything in life is going smooth then we need to understand that something is wrong in our life. Because life can not be smooth all the time . Problem, failure, Sadness is a part of our life without out it our every success is incomplete. That’s why Sad WhatsApp Video Status is also a part of our day to day life . Because everybody set them in their status to show their grief.

Life is a mixture of happiness and sadness. It is said that happiness comes after sadness. So we should chill .it is important to enjoy all the shades of life sadness as well. To enjoy the sadness there is no replacement of Sad WhatsApp Video Status. When we are in pain or feelings very low then the Sad WhatsApp video Status act like our best friends and this is all that we want at that time.

While watching Sad WhatsApp video Status tears rolls down on our cheeks and the frustration, grief comes out inform of tears and we feels light and good.

Sad Video Status

But sometime people take their failure / bad time so much seriously that they can not come out of it and it leads to depression. Depression is sadness to the extreme , leaving people feeling sometimes numb, lonely and hopeless.

Depression can start for no specific reason, it also can develop from on overreaction of some kind of life , stressor. To avoid the depression we need to take out all the frustration inside us. For this reason, we need to talk with people around us who are concern about us. We need to tell them how we are felling or what is inside us.

But some people feel shy or feel hagitation to talk about their pain or problem with others. In that case, Sad WhatsApp video Status work like a medium between you and other person around you.

Sad WhatsApp Video Status will provide you a great number of sad videos you can download or share in your  WhatsApp , Facebook & Instagram. Like this you can make people understand how you are feeling from inside or you can indirectly tell them in which problem you are going through.


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