Rose Day WhatsApp Status Video


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When you think about the month of February, the first thing that come to our mind is the Valentine’s Day. The day of love. So, it can be said that the February is the month of love. Because in this month, there is love vibes everywhere.

The Rose Day is the first day of the Valentine’s Week. Because it all always started by a Rose. That’s why the Rose Day WhatsApp Status Video  give you plenty of Rose Day Status Videos so that you can start a new bond with rose.

Rose Day Status Video

Rose, there are so many shades of roses and each colour stands individually to express something different from the other. Rose is one of the most significant thing of love which itself defines why it has to put in the starting of a love story. As an example, when you watch any movie or a romantic film there would be a seen of rose. It is also said that the Victorians started the culture of exchanging roses to communicate unspoken feeling. Where in, red roses has been a symbol of love and passion. A red rose express passionate desire and longing. This rose is the best way to say the three magical word. For this reason, The Rose Day WhatsApp Status Video  is the best way to express your love.

If you give a red rose to some one that’s mean you have some special feeling for the person. Here the colour of rose tells everything and you need nothingness to say . Like the pink rose symbol of gratitude, grace and joy. The pink rose suggest gentalness compared to the typical bright red rose. The yellow rose stands for friendship. In fact the yellow rose is the only rose that has no romantic meaning behind it. Last but not the least, the bright red rose is the colour if love, lust, affection, desire.

Rose Day Status Video

So, if you share a Rose Day WhatsApp Status Video  with someone that mean you love that person. This is a wonderful way to express the hidden feeling Infront the world on the special occasion of Valentine’s Week. So, don’t be shy just express your love.

You can also share Rose Day WhatsApp Status Video  with your husband ,wife, boyfriend, girlfriend to tell them how much you love them and to make their Valentine Week more special. This little little things make your bond stronger and beautiful.

So, you can download or share Rose Day WhatsApp Status Video , on social media to express your feelings with your love ones and have a Happy Rose Day.


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