Romantic WhatsApp Video Status


Romantic WhatsApp Video Status has a large number of romantic videos that you can share with your partner, lover, husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend through social media.

Every person who has fall in love sooner or later in their life , knows the meaning of romance. Romance is very important for a relationship or married life. It maintain the love, the passion between the two partner. Without romance a relationship or married life become dull or lifeless. Then the interest of the two partner start decreasing. so you should not ignore romance or should not take it for granted.

Romance is the powerful bond between two people who are in love. Romance is how much you show your partner how much he/she really means to you. It usually all begins with a Romantic WhatsApp Video Status. That is the beginning of the relationship. But as you get into your relationship even more you start to decide whether or not this is the person you want to be forever.

Romantic Video Status


The ultimate goal of any romantic relationship is intimacy . This includes varbal communication, feeling and thoughts. There is a small difference between two genders view intimacy though modern research suggests that the gap is closing. It has been found that in general women link intimacy with emotions whereas men link it with physical interaction.


Romance improves the communication skills between partners. It is crucial that the couple communicate expectations to each other verbally so that misunderstanding do not occur.

Romantic relationship provide comradery courtship and love. All of these contribute to building a lasting bond between two people. Friendship is the foundation, courtship preserves the romance and love makes it last.

Friendship is often the basis of romantic relationship the comradery brings two people closer together. A romantic pertner is some one in whom to confide and with whom to share great problems.

He is there to console and comfort in hours of need. He gives his relationship unconditionally as a foundation in the relationship. When a couple starts out as friends, they build a stronger alliance. This is why romance usually starts with friendship.


Courtship is very important in romantic relationship. Amorous companions need to feel wanted and appreciated. Courtship Keep the romance in a few. It helps one lover show the other how he feels.

Sharing Romantic WhatsApp Video Status with your partner or love ones shows how much you love him/her.

When you feel romantic then just share a Romantic WhatsApp Video Status in your social media like WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram and let your love ones know about your feeling and mood.

Just a simple Romantic WhatsApp Video Status can bring you closer with your boyfriend/girlfriend/ husband/ wife. You can make your partner feel special through Romantic WhatsApp Video Status and this will make your relationship or married life happy, healthy and colourful.



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