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Everyone is unique. So the way of expressing love to your partner are different. Some of us show love with hugs while some express via gifts, words or by being there when they need us.

Kissing is the first step of intimacy in relationship. Kissing is a sensual act that expresses our love, emotions and care without the need for any words. It goes beyond and expresses our feeling which is even difficult to say via words. In short, a kiss is the symbol of love, affection and care.

Kiss is also important to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. Just a single kiss can vanish the misunderstanding that usually took place in relationship or married life. Sometimes at a some point in a relationship kiss can be the thing that your partner want from you.

Kissing is not the same for everyone. A kiss can mean so many different things depending on what type of kiss it has and from whom it is coming from. It can be an express of love intimacy, friendship and apology, a sign of greetings or a sweet gesture. All in all, we can simply say a kiss is an expression of love no matter which type of kiss you receive or given it makes you feel good and sparks an unexplainable joy.

Kiss WhatsApp Video

Apart from making you feel good. Kissing offers a host of health benefits as well. Kissing stimulates saliva production. A simple passionate kiss in a relationship can keep your teeth and gums healthy. Kissing is just like a bonus to it to make sure to follow proper oral hygiene. None would feel comfortable if your mouth and breath smell bad.

Intense kissing involves around 34 facial muscles and can burn up to 2 to 5 calories per minute. In addition to that, it boosts your body’s metabolism and helps to burn calories. As mentioned earlier, deep passionate kissing involves about 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles.

This act as a major workout for your facial muscles that tones and strengthens them specially the lower face and neck. A simple intimate kiss in a relationship is one of the easiest remedies for your face.

A well timed kiss with your partner acts as a great stress buster. After having kiss all feel good hormones help you to relax, restore and feel happier with a sense of well being. So, a kiss is not just a simple kiss , a kiss is full fill of so benefits, so share the Kiss WhatsApp Video Status with your partner to have a kiss from him / her.

Kissing and sex get together after like cherry and cake. Kissing promotes intimacy and arouses both you and your partner sexually. In fact kissing is the most romantic and powerful type foreplay that can make sex a more pleasurable and enjoyable experience. On the whole, kissing enhances sexual compatibility and keep the flame of passion alive in your relationship.

Kiss WhatsApp Video

There are so many people who feel shy to begin a kiss. So for those people Kiss WhatsApp Video Status is perfect they can share a kiss video to his/her love ones. By this he/ she will understand that what the other partner is wanting from him/ her.

If u are not a shy person then you can easily share Kiss WhatsApp Video Status through your WhatsApp , Facebook & Instagram and allow people to know about your thoughts.


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